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Before You Buy

Check with your local building department on the following
• Property zoning
• Property setbacks
• Correct building code
• Correct live load or ground snow load
• Correct wind load
• Correct wind exposure (this does not apply to all codes)
• Correct seismic code
• Are structural calculations required
• Is a stamped foundation design required
• Required permits and fees
• Any covenants controlling your area
• Sprinkler requirements

*These twelve questions will help you make sure you are ordering a building that is correctly designed for your area and lot size.
When ordering a building make sure of what you are getting with that building. What are you getting?

• Check for the correct codes and load.
• If structural calculations are needed is it included
• What gage of sheeting are you buying (24 gage, 26 gage, 29 gage is thinner than 26 gage)
• What finish does the sheeting have (color, galvalume, zincalume)
• What is a warranty on the finish
• What type of roof are you getting (screw down, standing seam)
• What type of wall sheeting are you getting (R panel, PBR, PBA)
• What is the trim package (base trim, trimmed framed openings, trim colors options)
• If you have sprinklers are their dead loads add to accommodate
• Walk doors
• What kind of door (glass, solid metal, metal with a window, are you getting the glass, what kind of lock set, do you need panic hardware, closures)
• Walk door framed openings without the door
• Windows
• What kind of window (insulated, screens, horizontal slider, vertical slider)
• Window framed openings without windows
• Doors
• What kind of doors (canister, sectional, sliding, insulated, non-insulated, motor lift, chain lift, windows, no window, what color)
• Door framed opening without the door
• Vents
• What kind of vents (louvers, ridge vents, with damper, without a damper, with screens, without screens, what color)
• Vent framed opening without a vent
• Insulation
• What kind of insulation (what R-value, what thickness, what facing)
• Gutters and downspouts
• How many downspouts
• Who is responsible for the foundation design
• Is this an erected price
• Is freight included
• Is sales tax included

*Do not just ask the question. Make sure it is written on the agreement before you sign. The agreement is a binding commitment between you and the seller. Do not just take their word that is included. Adding to or making changes after the contract is signed can be costly. The more you have in black and white the less you have in gray.

When purchasing a steel building, or steel building “kit” there could be 8 hidden costs that you may want to factor into your purchase decision.

1. Concrete Foundation 2. Additional Doors 3. Permits 4. Land Preparation 6. Delivery 7. Erection 8. Taxes
Other costs to consider are electricity, plumbing, insulation, and interior finishing.

Keep in mind that if purchasing a “kit”, that it is just one part of the overall cost.