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MBCEA - Conference Update

February is Heart month – a time for Valentines and Heart check-ups. February is also a time to make sure you have a strong plan in place to ensure a great year. You and your leadership team should be reviewing last year’s performance and this year’s projects. Did you achieve what you set out to do last year; do you need to make adjustments or course corrections this year?

Since I am new as President, this is exactly what I have been doing for the last two months. The last few years have built a strong foundation for MBCEA’s continued success. We are in a strong cash position and well favored in our industry. We are working hard to make sure we'll continue this fabulous trend. I have set the following three goals for my time as president: continued focus on Workforce Development, member engagement through regional training, and the development of a solid Strategic Plan that will guide the MBCEA for the next 5-10 years.

The work of the MBCEA happens at committees. I am a strong proponent of active and engaged committees. Our committees dig deep, discuss ideas and information in detail and then summarize those thoughts and make recommendations to the Board. An example of our committees' work is the new tag line Reaching New Heights, Together, which is the result of a ton of work by the marketing committee. We have a small number of committees, each with far-reaching goals. I encourage all members to engage with our committee chairs; we work for you. Justin Waller of RedIron Construction and John Paul Lawrence of Modern Trade Communication co-chair Membership. The goal of this committee is to attract new members and retain existing members. Crucial to these goals are plans for outreach to builders and tradeshow content/participation.Marketing is chaired by Robert Tiffin of Silvercote. Their goal is to support the efforts of Membership, and the other committees, as well as develop an overall communication strategy and a Conference Theme.

Labor Development is chaired by Keith Wentworth of Dutton & Garfield. Training is chaired by Andy Lee of SFS, and Accreditation is chaired by Dan Halme of Halme Builders. These three specialized committees complement each other and have similar goals all related to labor and workforce development and the professionalism of our trade. Each of these groups are working on initiatives that further the goals of membership and the strategic plan.

Nominating, also chaired by Andy Lee, MBCEA Vice President ensures the Board continues to evolve through the cultivation and development of new members.

Finance, chaired by MBCEA Treasurer Dave Leinbach of Kaiser-Martin Group ensure we have a budget (and adhere to it) and more importantly that we adhere to our bylaws and honor our fiduciary responsibilities to membership.

I will chair Strategic Planning. I have invited all Committee Chairs and members of the Executive team, as well as our representatives from the Ketenbrink Trust to join this committee.

As the month of February requires a close examination of your business’ goals, I remind you that the best investment you can make for the success of your business is to attend the 51st Annual MBCEA Conference. Click the link in the sidebar for all things conference. We have a fabulous agenda prepared and a great location at the Gaylord in Aurora, CO. Highlights and teasers are outlined below. I hope to see you there.


Art Hance

President, MBCEA

President, Hance Construction

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