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From a plot of land to a building we can help you get there. 


Designing a PEMB is always better with an erection company involved to guide architects on how a PEMB goes together


We can supply permit and approval drawings to help the pre-construction process for the GC and ownership


Because we are full-service PEMB supply erect company, we can take your project from paper to fruition


Getting us involved in the early stages is the best way to bring a project full circle with PEMB design, supply, and erection.

We specialize in the complex design-build space and have alliances with the best manufacturers to take on the complexity or simplicity of any given project. 

From intelligent data centers to a equestrian facility; we have the expertise to provide whatever our clients need. 

Supply+ ERECT

Being able to offer a supply and erect package puts the ball in our court when it comes to delivery dates, material management, and procurement. This is the best option for a GC or Owner that is nuanced in metal buildings. Let us take care of getting the materials on-site and constructing those materials so you can focus on the rest of your project. 


Erection Only

You have purchased the building already, great! Now you need a qualified erector to construct the building, we are here to help. We have erected almost every make and model for PEMB. Send us the plans and we will provide a free estimate.

Cold Storage


From Cold Storage to temperature controlled spaces. DD Construction is a Kingspan certified installer of Insulated Metal Panels for interior and exterior uses. Interior freezer rooms fully assembled, racking, panels and ceiling. Completely turn-key with Kingspan panel supply and install.
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