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What you need to know

 Thinking about purchasing a metal building? 


- First, do you have the land needed to put a metal building on your property? If so, what size metal building can you put in your designated space? 

- Secondly, what is going to be the main use of your metal building? Garage? Shop? Storage? Hanger? Answering this question may determine the size necessary for your metal building. 

- Thirdly, last but definitely not least BUDGET?? This may determine the size, the number of openings, the inside finishes, etc. 


DD Construction can take you all the way through this process with dealer relations with RIGID Global Building SystemsWorldWide Steel Buildings, FMP and Great Western Buildings for I-beam construction. 


Already Purchased a Metal Building? 


No Problem! We can still erect the building for you! We offer a full turn-key steel erection service. From foundation design for the build you have purchased, the foundation dirt work and concrete, steel erection and sheeting, electrical, plumbing, you name it we can make it happen! 

- Still keep in mind when purchasing your metal building the points above about spacing, features, and budget. 


What to watch out for... When buying your metal building. 

Whether you are thinking of buying a metal building, in the process of buying, or already purchased. There are a lot, and I mean, a lot of brokers out there. That being said be very careful when buying metal buildings at a significant discount and ones that will be gone tomorrow! Being in the business, that is all a ridiculous sales tactic to get you to buy now! Take your time to get the metal building you want and make sure it's the right fit.  Do the manufacturer and broker stand behind what they sell? What's the warranty? And always have a plan for construction cost, great you've bought a metal building, but if you have not taken into account the construction cost you're stuck with a metal building at a great price but no way to erect it! Trust me, just be careful. 


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